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Alcoholic Specials


havana 3 year, tequila silver, angostura bitters, honey and ginger ale €11.90


gin, watermelon liqueur, cranberry juice, hint of vanilla €10.50

Kashmir Krush

havana 3 year, lychee liqueur, lychee juice with hint of mint €9.70

Grand Maratha

brandy, elderflower cordial and ginger ale €9.50

Cholan Emperor

whiskey, dom benedictine with fresh mint €10.50

Pink Palace

cointreau, raspberry topped with spumanti Moel Rose €9.90

Benares Bomb

vodka, crème de cassis, blueberries, blackberries with ginger ale  €9.50

Rangoli Fusion

tequila, white rum, strawberry puree, and mango juice €10.40

Cobra’s Bite

tequila, amaretto, tobasco with orange juice €10.40

Punjabi Sangria

cointreau, mango with prosecco  €9.50

Kali’s Curse

vodka, cherry brandy, coke with cranberry juice €9.90