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Cocktail Master Additions

All cocktails are 11.50 euros

Smoking Chakra

london Dry Gin, cinnamon syrup,lemon juice, curry powder, egg white, camomile, top soda infused in aromatic scope

Sensual Sutra

campari, amarillo,pompelmo rose, dash of orange bitter and rice vinegar

Sultans Fire

corial lime, vermouth , cognac, bitter , soda

Tanta Delight

cinamon , Jerry thomas bitter, orange, lemon zest, dry apple

Kohi -noor

gold label, infusion mix, cynar, diasrronno

Tibetan Tang

pomelo syrup, bacardi and mountgay rum, pineapple juice, tropical juice, maracuja

Baloos' Brew

chombard. lime sugar,bitter syrup, rose syrup

The Shere Khan

safron gin,lime ginger syrup,guava juice, smoked rosemary, ginger beer