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Friends of Chakra

Gimena Volpe

Gimena Volpe

The face of Chakra!!

Model and team support since the beginning of Chakra


Miguel Angel Segui - Photographer

  • Miguel has captured the Chakra mood and also oversees
  • The bar events photography
  • He has great artistic talents and attention to detail!!
  • The camera has taken him all over the world and we are pleased  to have engaged his experience in Chakra!




Gimena VolpeHallelujah based in Santa Catalina have provided Chakra models with their  indo -fusion dresses and garments.
"We firmly believe that the future will belong to those who know how to innovate, change the way you think and therefore the way they work, so with creativity and innovation become our search engine for the new styles and trends. In Hallelujah include our aesthetic versatility.
We analyze latest styles to mark future trends which will take the company. The vision for the future in search of sustainable materials confirms the ethical mission of the company to respect the environment."
Miguel Vivas